At Rocket Architectural Design, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to suit various project types. Please don't hesitate to reach out for more details, or you can also visit our Knowledge Centre for additional information.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is the initial step in a construction project, involving preliminary analysis to identify site-related risks, limitations, and opportunities. Its main goal is to evaluate the proposal's viability before allocating significant resources to design and construction.

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Concept Designs

A concept design starts with a design brief defined by you, the client. We will help you to articulate your ideas, and through close collaboration, we will piece every part of your project together to create something attractive, unique, and most importantly, personal to you.

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3D Visualisation Services

3D visualisation through sketching, computer generated imagery (CGIs), and modelling, elevates the design, communication, and marketing in construction projects, empowering you to make well-informed choices at every stage. Allow our adept team of creators to harness their creative skills to transform your proposal into a vivid reality.

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Planning Applications

Planning permission is a largely inescapable statutory process through your Local Authority for construction projects. Whether you’re extending, altering, or building new, we can advise and guide you through the planning process to deliver your dream proposal.

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Building Regulations Submissions (England)

Detailed drawings and specification documents required before starting construction. We can expertly prepare and submit this documentation to Local Building Authorities or Regulatory Bodies on your behalf, ensuring your proposal is compliant with the English Building Regulations.

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Building Warrants (Scotland)

This is the mandatory legal permission you will require to commence construction work classified as warrantable. The building warrant submission is to your local authority, where its Building Control team will determine whether your proposal meets the Scottish Building Regulations.

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Construction Production Information

We can provide you with all the necessary documentation, including schedules, finishes, and room data sheets, required for tendering to external contractors. Don’t want to tender for contractors yourself? Well, we can do this for you too.

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Construction Contract Administration & Supervision

We can set up contracts, monitor progress, resolve queries, certify payments, issue Architects Instructions, prepare certificates, undertake snagging, resolve defects (rectification), and ensure delivery of the operation & maintenance manual and the health & safety file at handover. Based in the North East of England? Let us manage our in-house construction team to deliver your construction project.

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Architect Certification

An architect’s certificate is a warranty determining a property has been built in accordance with the approved plans, complies with building regulations and is to a good standard. You may be asked for one by your lender if you are looking to take a mortgage out on a newly built property.

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Our work spans all aspects of architectural planning, design and construction, from small-scale private projects to large sustainable commercial developments.

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