Architect’s Certification

What is an architect’s certificate?

An architect’s certificate is a document issued by a qualified architect that certifies or verifies specific aspects of a construction project. It serves as a warranty, confirming that a property has been constructed in accordance with approved plans, complies with building regulations, and meets a high standard of quality. These certificates hold significant importance for various reasons, particularly if you or your purchaser intend to secure a mortgage for a newly built property. Lenders typically require such certification as part of their risk mitigation strategy.

Architect’s certificates are typically issued with a standard coverage period of six years. It’s essential to note that they do not function as latent defects policies. Furthermore, it’s crucial to emphasise that an architect should only issue an architect’s certificate if they were actively involved in the project during the construction stage. This involvement ensures they had the opportunity to oversee and confirm that the construction aligns with the approved plans and industry standards.

Requesting an architect to issue a certificate for a project they were not involved in can be a risky endeavour, and it is not something we would consider here at Rocket Architectural Design

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