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Our range of services cover the full end to end process of dreaming, planning and creating, regardless of whether your project is residential or commercial, new build or renovation.

You can choose any combination, from any point. We have often stepped in at later parts of the process where an existing designer doesn't have the skill set or the project has run into difficulty.

We are happy to work in partnership with other architects and consultants, providing as much or as little support as you need.

It’s like Pick & Mix, you get to choose just the parts you need.


Planning & Design

In the main, this is the type of work that traditional architectural firms and building designers offer and it covers:

Initial Chat

Tell us about your project or idea. We’ll give some general advice and be realistic on whether it’s doable or not. We will be transparent about our availability and capability.


We’ll tell you ours, and all the others you’re likely to have to pay, from planning permission to building control.


Ok, we’re starting to get serious now. If the fees, availability and advice haven’t put you off, we’ll get together to discuss the project in more detail. We’ll follow up with a proposal and once agreed, the hard work starts.


We’ll do a site survey to get a feel for the location, area and scale of the project.

Concept Proposals

Based on your brief, budget, timescale and our expertise we’ll supply some nice pictures to see if we can take what is in your head and turn it into reality.

Planning and Design Proposals

Once you are happy with the Concept Proposals, we'll need to identify the potential planning concerns and devise plans and phases to alleviate these.

Using our expert knowledge of the planning process, we'll arrange your project to pass through the appropriate barriers to get to the original concept as efficiently as possible.

Planning Submission

We will act on your behalf to submit the plans and liaise with the Planning Office. Any feedback, concerns or changes will come directly to us and we can use our expertise to interpret and make recommendations.

Our knowledge at this stage is invaluable. For example – We’ll tell you if we can drop ceilings in order to keep your room count the same on that HMO project. We will guide you through in a way that doesn't sacrifice the overall project and avoids cost and complication.


Surveys & Reports

RICS Building Surveys

Many of the projects we work on require some kind of RICS Building Survey or valuation. We offer this specialist range of services with our in-house expert, including RICS Condition Report (Level 1), RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) and RICS Building Survey (Level 3).

Specialist Reports

We love a juicy, complex refurbishment or new build so we also provide Specific Defect Reports, Insurance Valuation Surveys and Conservation Advice as well as Condition Reports and Preventive Maintenance Schedules.


Basically, we’ve got you covered.


Regulations & Tenders

Building Regulations Support

At Rocket we can prepare your building regulations submission, and if engaged at the planning stages, designed with this in mind to ensure adequate fire protection, floor areas and structure, for example.

The level of detail at this point is more than enough to satisfy the requirements of Building Control and we have known it be used as the guide for a builder to quote and work from.

In our opinion though this is too broad and leaves too much subjectivity. Your version of high end or budget may be completely different from a builders. This isn't a conversation you want to have after the fact.


If your project requires Structural Engineers or or other specialist input, we talk their language. Having worked within Structural Engineering for 8 years, we work to their standard, we understand the requirements and we have a network of trusted professionals we can rely on.

Tender Preparation and Specification

Down to the nitty gritty. You've spent all that time, effort and money getting to this point, the last thing you want to do is not have your vision achieved because the builders didn't know you wanted brushed steel light fittings, USB points in your sockets or door handles that feel pure luxury in your hand.

The same is also true if want you actually want is a budget flip with the cheapest possible materials and the builder installs high end bath taps.

All our work is progressed with the end in mind. This is the part of the process where you need to be very clear on what that end is and ensure everyone involved also understands that.

This ensures you receive clear quotes for the works to be completed and have absolute clarity on what is included for the price you've agreed.

You get protection and your builder gets a great plan to price and work from. Win win.



Depending on the size of your project and it's intended purpose, you may need promotional imagery well before the works are complete.

Often this is for marketing collateral such as brochures, hoardings, websites or social media, as well as for securing investment or to encourage expenditure from shareholders.

We produce photo realistic CGI imagery, external and internal, so you can share your vision of the final result in advance.

We can do this from any architects drawings and plans.

This service is available to our own clients, other architects, Councils, developers, companies and house builders.


Management & Support

Okay, we'll admit, we aren't talking day to day project management. There are experts who specialise in it or you may want to do it yourself.

What we offer is contract administration and ongoing support throughout the build. This means we can ensure the plans are interpreted correctly, answer any queries, avoid any unwelcome surprises and approve any variations that may be needed due to unforeseen issues.

This involves regular site visits and a constant point of contact between you, us and the builders.

Planning & Design
Surveys & Reports
Regulations & Tenders
Management & Support

In summary...

We don’t think there are many parts of the process that we haven’t covered here. We’ve done it all, ourselves and for other people. We work on the philosophy that it will probably go wrong. Plans will change. Decisions won’t go your way. We’ll prepare you for that and then find a way to navigate through it anyway.


If you don’t know where to start, or which of these services you’ll need, just get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.


If you’ve already started and got lost along the way, we can help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Full Refurbishments

From remodelling your own home to adapting an investment property into an HMO, we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.


New Build

Whether a single dwelling, the home of your dreams or a small development, we’ll be your partner every step of the way.


Mixed-Use & Change of Use

The more problematic the better. We succeed where others have failed. Barn conversions, Commercial to Residential and more.

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