The Rectory, Darlington

Project Type: Extensions & Renovations
Client: Private Client

At Rocket, a transformative journey unfolded in one of our earlier projects. Our client’s aspiration was clear: they sought to breathe new life into their home, embracing modernity while retaining the essence of family living. What followed was a remarkable metamorphosis that forever changed the character of this residence.

We set out to maximise the usable floor area, meticulously crafting a design that would reshape the living experience. The loft space was transformed with recessed balconies, and a pitched roof was added over the existing flat roof entrance. On the ground floor, a “wraparound” extension emerged, seamlessly connecting the rear and side, creating a harmonious flow within the home. The entrance was reimagined, extended, and brought into the present, setting the stage for a more striking and inviting hallway.

Yet, the transformation extended beyond the physical layout. The design breathed new life into the property’s elevations, creating a captivating visual identity. Inside, room layouts were reconfigured to embrace the ideals of modern, family-oriented living, giving rise to an open floorplan that fosters togetherness.

All of this was achieved within the confines of a conservation area, where every change required a delicate touch. The result? A forever home, perfectly suited to its new owners and their family, where the past and present coexist in harmony.

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