Luxury Holiday Park, Durham

Project Type: Recreational
Client: Private Client

A holiday park like no other, this luxury development features bespoke accommodation that sets it apart as a true gem among holiday destinations. Our journey with this endeavour began with the master planning of a site that would eventually host over 200 individual units. We sought pre-application advice to ensure meticulous preparation. Throughout this process, we leveraged our expertise in 3D visualisations, working harmoniously alongside both internal and external consultants to shape a vision that would truly captivate.

At the heart of this distinctive holiday park are the unique lodges, meticulously designed with nature as the guiding inspiration. Nestled between the trees, they harmoniously coexist with the natural surroundings, minimising any disturbance to the environment. The proposal for this development carries a multitude of benefits, including its substantial contribution to the community, a marked positive impact on biodiversity, and a significant boost to the local economy.

Our CGI work elegantly showcases the aesthetic essence of the scheme, while the meticulously crafted plans reveal a design that not only impresses visually but also functions seamlessly in practice. An integral aspect of this project involved the integration of existing farm buildings, some of which bear the historical weight of the mid-1800s, adding a touch of heritage charm to the development.

Within the complex, several key assets enrich the experience for visitors and residents alike. These assets include over 200 lodges, a welcoming public house, an exhilarating aerial tree trekking adventure, serene lakeside lodges, exciting mountain biking trails, accessible living spaces, a tranquil vehicle-free zone, and the potential for enchanting treehouse cabins.

We showcase our commitment to creating exceptional holiday destinations that seamlessly blend nature, luxury, and community, providing an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

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