Barn to Luxury Family Home, York

Project Type: Barn Conversions
Client: Private Client

When we stumbled upon this barn, it was being used to store small industrial vehicles and gym equipment. Safe to say, it was underwhelming considering the potential it had to become a spacious, luxury home… so that’s what we did with it.

Originally constructed with blockwork and timber, we have created a design that wraps the building in dark corrugated cladding, giving it a fresh and contemporary appearance.

Upon entering the property, you are greeted with a large, full height open living space. A combination of dining, kitchen and living is spacious and cosy, especially when the hanging fire pit radiates a soft warm glow around the room.

Upon entering the property, you are greeted by a large, full-height open living space. The combination of dining, kitchen, and living areas is spacious and cosy, with a hanging fire pit radiating a soft, warm glow, helping to emphasise this.

In appreciation of the existing structure, the truss beams that support the ceiling have been retained and are coloured to contrast the interior finish, serving as a feature throughout the house. They continue upstairs, where you can walk through the beams to a recessed balcony that frames the White Horse of Kilburn, proudly sitting on the North Yorkshire hills.

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