Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas

Living in a conservation area in England means extra rules for your home,  aimed at preserving the character and historical significance of the area.

Here’s a rundown of what’s allowed and what needs planning approval:

✅ **Internal Alterations**: You can usually redo rooms, update fixtures, or replace internal doors without planning permission.
✅ **Minor External Alterations**: Small fixes like painting or repairing windows and doors are often okay without planning permission.
✅ **Repair and Maintenance**: Routine fixes like roof repairs or repointing brickwork usually don’t need planning permission.
✅ **Garden Structures**: You can put up sheds, greenhouses, or fences within size limits, but check your conservation area’s regulations.

❌ **Extensions**: Big changes like rear or loft extensions usually need planning permission to ensure they fit with the area’s character.
❌ **Exterior Changes**: Adding new windows, altering rooflines, or installing things like satellite dishes or solar panels usually require planning permission.
❌ **Demolition**: Knocking down any part of your property usually needs planning permission, even for rebuilding or renovating.
❌ **Tree Works**: Cutting or pruning trees often requires planning permission or notification to the local authority, especially in conservation areas.
❌ **Listed Building Consent**: If your property is listed or has historical importance, alterations may need Listed Building Consent on top of planning permission.

In most cases, properties in conservation areas have limited permitted development rights, meaning minor changes might be allowed without planning permission, but it’s best to check with your local planning authority or a qualified professional.

Consulting with a local planning authority or experienced architect before any significant work is highly recommended to navigate the complex regulations of conservation areas.

At The Rocket Group, we specialise in architectural schemes in these areas, with heritage experts in-house to make these projects painless for you. Please follow us for more tips and news on property projects, or reach out for assistance.

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