Drone Surveys – new service launched

28th November 2022 Compliance
Drone Surveys – new service launched

We’re starting the week with some really exciting news as we launch our latest service range – drone survey! Take a look at our new video, which demonstrates 3D modelling of a historic building and a topographic survey in one flyover session!

Drones can be utilised for being #topographic surveys, recording of #historicbuildings (including 3D modelling), roof and #buildinginspections, #photogrammetry, remote inspections of dangerous or isolated locations and much more, bringing a whole new dynamic, boosting efficiency and retaining accuracy and detail, saving considerable expense for clients, removing human error and increasing the usefulness of data. The technology can be adapted for use in many more settings, with our sister businesses Rocket Ecology Limited and Rocket Architectural Design & Surveying benefitting from remote surveys, heat detecting technology, design solutions and visual inspections of remote locations and roofs. Together with our service partners Rotoris Limited, we will come up with advanced solutions for your problems. Please do get in touch.

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