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Meet the Team

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Meet the Team
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How do you know who to trust with your project?

Probably the best advice is with someone who has been there and done it.

Having been on both sides of the fence, the Rocket team understands the full process as client and designer.

We start with the end in mind, keeping you on track to that North Star every step of the way.



We can work with you on – New build offices, office conversions, retail conversions, HMO conversions, hotel extensions, agricultural and warehousing projects.
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We can work with you on – Layout changes, new build, housing developments, barn conversions, commercial conversions and HMO’s. Our speciality is in adding value.
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Why work with Rocket?

The real rocket fuel is the people and the experience.

We have stepped in and taken over projects where others have failed due to the complexity or ability to solve specialist problems.

We’ve had clients tell us that they couldn’t secure a builder or developer until they advised they would be working with our designs.

We will provide as much or as little support as you want or need, from initial concept to project completion.

Nothing scares us. We are confident in our ability to problem solve, give solid client advice, work within planning regulations, deliver value and work to such a high standard that we should always save you money on the overall project.

Not because we are cheap (we aren’t) but because we are good. We look for the opportunity to maximise value and achieve outstanding results.

More than that, we’ll stay friends throughout. We work with people whose values align with our own, we’ll be honest and up front and we’ll manage your expectations, so you’ll never feel let down.

It will go wrong. Plans will change. Decisions won’t go your way. We’ll prepare you for that and find a way to navigate through it anyway.

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